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Statement from FPH
Friday 3rd November 2023

As the Faculty of Public Health at Jinan University, we strongly condemn the relentless air strikes and siege on Gaza, including the unacceptable attacks on hospitals. We firmly advocate against war due to its myriad detrimental consequences on public health.

The prevailing situation is undeniably critical, and it severely features a significant public health concern. The current situation is dire, with evacuation orders imperiling the lives of the most vulnerable, hospitals unable to function without essential resources like fuel and electricity, people suffering from the unavailability of crucial medicines, an increased risk of disease stemming from a lack of clean water, and the potential for spikes in infection and antimicrobial resistance due to the scarcity of antibiotics and hygiene.

In considering the ongoing impact of this war, it is crucial not to overlook the long-term effects, which are devastating. This includes the destruction of communities, families, and the social and economic fabric of nations. War inflicts lasting physical and psychological harm on children and other vulnerable people, change community demographics, and depletes material and human resources.

In light of these pressing concerns, we as public health professionals raise the voice and call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, opening the Palestinian borders to facilitate the passage of humanitarian and medical aid, acknowledging access to food, water, and electricity to mitigate the severe health and societal consequences of this conflict.

Recognizing that a ceasefire alone is insufficient to safeguard the enduring welfare of civilians, it becomes imperative to seek a sustainable and peaceful resolution to the crisis in Palestine.

Let us stand united in our commitment to peace and the well-being of the affected communities.


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