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Each Semester, Jinan University prepares a New Student Orientation Program to ease the student transition to JU.

The New Student Orientation Program helps new students to acquire the necessary knowledge about academic requirements specific to their faculty / major, meet their academic advisor, register their classes and become familiar with JU's traditions and history among other things.

It is very important that new students attend this orientation program for a smooth start at JU.

Orientation Staff
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Mrs. Rayan Nasser

Director of Orientation
Ph.D. Candidate in Business Administration
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Mrs. Farah Joudi

Registrar Officer
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Ms. Marwa Khaled

Assistant in Orientation
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Mr. Hadi Chrayteh

Assistant in Orientation

Orientation Calendar

Orientation Calendar


1- Association of Arab Universities.
2- Association of Islamic Universities.
3- Association of Lebanese Universities .
4- The Agency of French-speaking Universities (AUF-Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie).
5- The Arab organization of the Registrars in the Universities of Arab Countries.
6- Association of Arab and European universities.
7- Assembly of Registrars in Lebanese Private Universities.

Herein, is a growing list of universities and institutions with which Jinan University has signed cooperative agreements, in addition to those with local and regional enterprises and foundations:
1- Ajman University for Scientific and Technological Studies (UAE)
2- Bilingual and Trilingual Secretariat School, Lille (France)
3- Higher School of Commerce, Compiègne (France)
4- Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tripoli- Lebanon)
5- Higher Institute of Banking Studies (Sudan)
6- Higher School of Translators, Interpreters and External Commerce Cadres (France)
7- Islamic Hospital of Tripoli- Lebanon
8- International Islamic University (Malaysia)
9- Lebanese University (Beirut- Lebanon)
10- London Institute of Technology and Research (U.K.)
11- Om Dourman Islamic University (Sudan)
12- University of New Brunswick Saint-John (Canada)
13- University of the Qur’an and Islamic Studies (Sudan)
14- Sanaa University of Science and Technology (Yemen)
15- Teheran University (Iran)
16- Helwan University (Egypt)
17- Jerash University (Jordan)
18- Mogadishu University (Somalia)
19- Russian Islamic University (Russia)
20- Kuban State Technological University (Russia)
21- Luminère University Lyon2 (Lyon - France)
22- Lebanese Army Headquarters (Lebanon)
23- Municipality of Tripoli (Lebanon)
24- Alexandria University (Egypt)
25- Hammoud Hospital (University Medical Center) (Lebanon)
26- Mazloum Hospital (Convention nْ 1 in Health Field) (Lebanon)
27- Mazloum Hospital (Convention nْ 2 in Management Field)
28- The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) (Malaysia)
29- L'Universite Catholique de Lyon (Institut des droits de l'Homme)-(France)
30- Islamic University of North America (Mishkah) (USA)
31- Zarqa University (Jordan)
32- Islamic University of Europe - (Turky)
33- University of SKIKDA (Algeria)
34- University of Constantine 1 (Mentouri) (Algeria)
35- AHFAD University for Women (Sudan)
36- Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University - (Ukraine)
37– University of Franche-Comté (UFC)‎ (France)
38- Middle East University (Jordan)
40- Tanta University (Egypt)
41- Al Aqsa University (Palestine)
42- Imam Malik College for Sharia and Law (Dubai)



Contact Address Tripoli

Mrs. Rayan Nasser
Tripoli LEBANON - Main Campus: Zaytoun Abi-Samra,
P.O.Box: 818
Tel: +961 6 447906-7-8-9
Fax: +961 6 447900 , +961 6 447906-7-8-9 ext(4)
Email: orientation@jinan.edu.lb

Contact Address Saida

Mrs. Farah Joudi

Saida Campus:

Al Saray Round Point,
Telfax: +961 7 727209
Email: orientation.saida@jinan.edu.lb

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