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Director Message

Thank you for your interest in Al Jinan University. In our Campus, located in Saida, you will find that Al-Jinan University Study Centre combines a lovely academic setting with a highly charged environment of learning and achieving. Our campus is a warm and caring place, where the University keeps pace with development in the world of academics, work, and the modern economy through innovations in areas of study that are reflected through the wide range of courses, a quality teaching that is practiced by a highly respected faculty of accessible scholars dedicated to educating future leaders of the country.

We are constantly updating and developing our programs and we are well prepared for the way we combine an academic approach with a practical approach to University level study.

The University mission is to provide learning experience, develop professional competences and support a dynamic environment of innovation to compete in the changing global society.

The University believes in providing equal opportunities to every person seeking knowledge and good education and it is governed by a clear and firm internal Law that represents the reference for the University members and staff, and it reflects a highly organized atmosphere.

The University offers equipments, services and programs that serve the education process and it seeks to insure a healthy environment that combines modern sciences and authentic Arabic Traditions.

Outside the classroom, cultural life is varied and rich and our recourse will be available to all students to create in all aspects of varied activities, which will provide a balance between work and recreation.

Welcome to Al-Jinan University and very best wishes to you from all of us.


Saida Classrooms

Like the Main Campus, the branch in Saida has modern teaching equipment, facilities and services. The natural landscape embraces the building there. Starting with the classrooms which are equipped with all modern teaching tools; moving to the studio which is prepared for the future journalists and anchors; reaching the administrative section, all professionalism and efforts are exerted to help the students have a lifetime of educational experience.

The two-story building is designed as the most prestigious community colleges around the world, not only through design, but also the location in Baramiya where it is close to the city center yet away from its noise.

Sports facilities are also part and parcel of the university life in Saida branch. The students enjoy a large court for different types of sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis.


After an interesting lecture or match, nothing equals a cup of tea or a delicious meal. The Cafeteria, with its internal and external parts, serves the students with many kinds of food and drinks during the breaks.

The students, visitors, or employees never face problems finding parking lots for their cars. This is due to the wide space for all vehicles and the organization of the harmonious teamwork in the Saida branch.

Words are unable to tell it all! You are most welcome to visit our branch in Saida.


Academic Administration - Saida
CV image

Prof. Mohamad Assaad El Naderi

Director of Saida`s Branch
Ph.D. in Philosophy / specialty in Linguistics
SORBONNE, Paris 1, France.
CV image

Prof. Jalal Jamil Douwayk

Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of BA - Saida
CV image

Dr. Mohamad Fouad Daher

Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of LHS - Saida
Associate Professor
CV image

Dr. Khodor Awwad

Head of Medical and Social Assistance Department
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Community Health Education, New York University, USA
CV image

Dr. Maha Ali

Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of EDU - Saida
Assistant Professor
CV image

Mrs. Ghaidaa Abou Zeid El Baba

Acting General Secretary / Coordinator of English Program - Saida
Masters in Educational Studies University of Leicester (England)
CV image

Mrs. Hala Mohamad Saleh

Head of Nursing Sciences Department
CV image

Mrs. Doua'a El Houdari

Coordinator of the Medical Laboratory Technology Department
General Administration - Saida
CV image

Dr. Imad Seif Eddine

CTC - Saida Coordinator
Associate Professor
CV image

Mrs. Rima Ramlawi

Student Affairs Officer
M.A. in Business Administration - BCU
student.saida@jinan.edu.lb; acad.saida@jinan.edu.lb
CV image

Ms. Aaesha Teryaki

Finance Officer
CV image

Mrs. Farah Joudi

Registrar Officer
CV image

Mr. Mohamad El-Arab

Responsible of the PR & Media Office / Responsible of the Mass Communication Studio
PR.Saida@jinan.edu.lb; Media.Saida@jinan.edu.lb
CV image

Mrs. Doua'a El Houdari

Laboratory Officer
B.Sc., Medical Laboratory, Lebanese University, Lebanon
CV image

Mrs. Olfat Soussi

Administrative Coordinator of the Faculty of BA - Saida
CV image

Ms. Fatima Saed Shamieh

Secretary of Saida`s Director
CV image

Ms. Malak Al-Zaatari

Administrative Assistant
CV image

Mr. Mohamad El-Arab

Administrative Coordinator of the Faculty of COM - Saida
CV image

Mr. Adel Hani Al Rawass

IT Technician
CV image

Mrs. Enaya Arfi

Administrative Coordinator of the Faculty of EDU - Saida
CV image

Mrs. Shatha Riyad Al Khalili

Finance Assistant
CV image

Mrs. Hanin Hajjar

Student Affairs
CV image

Mrs. Zeinab Mohiedeen Ghazzawi

Secretary of the Faculty of Public Health - Saida
CV image

Mrs. Fatima Ghazzawi


Map & Contact Address

Saida Campus:
Al Saray Round Point,
Telfax: +961 7 727209
Email: info.saida@jinan.edu.lb



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