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Jinan University Tripoli - Main Campus


Main Campus

The Main Campus is one of the prominent premises of knowledge in Tripoli. The buildings maintain the spirit of the past and heritage with an updating spirit of modernity.


Yet, this is not enough without the strategic location of the main campus away from the noise, pollution and crowdedness of the city center. The Main Campus lies in the olive fields of Abi Samraa; on a plateau where the Mediterranean reflects sunshine, green hills and White Mountains stretch around.







JU cafeteria offers different types of food and drinks. A professional chef prepares meals of Arabian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Turkish, and fast food. The prices are suitable for the students’ budgets. JU cafeteria is open all working days. 

Sports Facilities

Besides learning and studying, the University offers entertainment and sports facilities. An indoor basketball court was built to hold national and regional championships. The University also made a gym for bodybuilding and aerobics supervised by professional coaches and nutrition experts. The students would join the soccer, basketball, volleyball, or table-tennis team. 


The University is so interested in gifted students, so the Faculty of Communication introduced a studio to consolidate the talented students' skills who like to act out plays that relate to their age and cares. Specialized directors supervise their auditions. 

Parking Lots

The University has established free parking lots for the students. They can also park cars in a modern parking garage. There are employees responsible for organizing the parking and keeping the cars safe. 

Prayer Hall

The Prayer Hall provides a suitable place for the students who want to be in a spiritual peaceful atmosphere while they are seeking knowledge during the day. There is a place to make ablution (washing for prayer). 


The University schedules a transportation program. In the morning, the buses pick up the students from the different areas of Tripoli. In the evening, the buses take them back. 

Student Council

In a democratic atmosphere aiming to make the students as one family, the University organizes elections for the student council. This council represents the students in their different faculties where it plays a linking role with the University’s administration. 


Jinan Campus hosts a lot of different nationalities. This makes the Jinan Campus a very rich social environment where students can interact in a new social melting pot different from the ones they used to have in their original countries. Cultural diversity is not new to the Lebanese scene, yet it still has a special perception at the Jinan Campus. Students from different social backgrounds can quickly fit in with others; not only because of the positive cooperative attitude they have, but also the initiatives that the University takes to involve students in activities that help bridge the gaps between different cultures. 

Al-Mona Bookshop

It provides students with books, stationery, photocopying, etc.

The Theatre

The theater is one of the largest in Lebanon. It embraces the annual celebrations, events, film screenings, and the national and international plays. The theater is equipped with high-tech sound and lighting, which allows live streaming and recording. 

Conference Room

The conference room has a control room for simultaneous interpretation and was specifically designed to hold seminars and conferences, students' debates and provide researchers and participants with what they need to achieve their goals through the delivery of their subjects and ideas to the public. 

Zaghloul El Najjar’s Hall

This hall is one of the largest lecture rooms. It is equipped with the polycom video conferencing system and it is used to defend master's theses and doctoral dissertations and organize other educational activities. 

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall is surrounded by glass and serves all kinds of cultural events including exhibitions of paintings, artistic works and book fairs. Along with the rest of the halls it forms a complete unit that fulfills the University's vision.


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