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One of the great benefits of studying Science at Jinan University is the access to advanced laboratory facilities located across the University. With its various thriving departments, including Biology, Biochemistry, and Computer Science, the faculty boasts two impressive laboratory divisions, the Central Laboratory and the Computer Science laboratories.

1 - The Central Laboratory for Biology and Biochemistry Departments

This facility is located one floor below the ground level in the main building in the Tripoli Campus. It is an impressively generous space divided into three independent sections which serve as both teaching and research laboratories for the faculties of Science and Public Health. The laboratory’s infrastructure has been designed according to professional standards that suit and complement the implementation and utilization of a wide range of scientific equipment and machinery. The laboratory is provided with constant air conditioning and proper ventilation to ensure convenient working temperature for individuals as well as for experimental material and supplies.

The first section:

The first section, entitled as the “Biochemistry Laboratory”, provides ample and effective learning space for all topics pertaining to chemistry and biochemistry concepts and principles. The Biochemistry laboratory includes a wide array of top rate equipment and supplies typically found in advanced and professional chemistry and biochemistry lab settings.

Safety measurements are of monumental importance in this lab and are ensured by the installment and availability of safety tools and equipment to which the students are accustomed at the beginning of every semester. These include but are not limited to chemical fume hoods, safety showers, eyewash stations and fire extinguishers. This section of the main laboratory is also provided with an overhead projector which aims to serve in a more comprehensive learning experience through the demonstration of explanatory videos and oral presentations.

The second section:

The second section of this division, entitled as the Microbiology Laboratory, serves as the perfect playground for all techniques, protocols and equipment necessary for the examination and assessment of the microbiological world and all its related fields. This lab is perfectly equipped to ensure aseptic techniques during the preparation of media and the handling of microorganisms and their culturing. This area, similar to the Biochemistry Laboratory, is organized to accommodate up to 16 students per laboratory session. With 8 stations, set up to meet the requirements of a microbiologist, students can work in pairs; two students per station. The available equipment includes but is not limited to the following: incubator, autoclave, Bunsen burners, analytical balance, vortex mixers, hot plates and all other microbiological tools found in typical microbiological settings.

The third section:

The third section is entitled as the General Biology Laboratory and represents the common area of the facility which is supplied with a significant number of hi-tech microscopes and a general-purpose working space. The available high quality microscopes serve as integral part of the General Biology, Zoology and Botany laboratory course work.


2 - The Computer Science Laboratories for Computer Science Department:

The Faculty of Sciences has established three computer science laboratories equipped with more than sixty high-performance computers in order to support the educational process of the department’s students and to ensure that they are exposed to the practical experience needed to become highly qualified computer-programmers.

The faculty has also supplied the laboratories with all of the accessories necessary to accomplish the academic objectives of the computer laboratory coursework. These include but are not limited to headsets, network switches for internet provision, WIFI routers, internet DSL connection, in addition to smart televisions and whiteboards.

Furthermore, essential software programs have been downloaded to the computers thus enabling students to carry out the assignments requested by their instructors and to implement the required tasks.

Following is a list of most of the software programs that have been installed on the computers:

  • Windows
  • MS Office
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • JAVA
  • Apache NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • Arduino
  • Logisim
  • XAMP
  • Sublime
  • Android Studio
  • Oracle DB
  • SQLite

…and more.

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