Jinan University

General Management

Major Requirements

ADM 390 - Graduation Project (3 Credits)
MAN 305 - Human Resources Management (3 Credits)
Theory and practice of human resource management. Topics include: recruitment and hiring, training and development, compensation, motivation, and employee services. Current issues in equal employment opportunity.
MAN 325 - Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)
Overview of entrepreneurship through case studies and readings. Analysis of risks and rewards of a business opportunity, the obstacles to be overcome in starting and managing a new venture, and the skills and resources required for success.
MAN 320 - Organizational Behavior (3 Credits)
Individual, interpersonal, and group behavior in an organizational context. Emphasizes participation in class exercises. Brief lectures and readings encourage broadened awareness of one's own and others' behavior in managerial roles, while improving managerial skills.
MAN 315 - International Management (3 Credits)
Internationalizing activities including: trade concepts and issues, types of relationship, and specific forms of organization and operation; current issues and situations in the international arena and their impact on business activities; current transitions from international to global business conditions. Alternative views and differences fostered replicating actual intercultural relations. New views on how international business may help reduce the economic gap between poor and rich nations.
MAN 330 - Leadership (3 Credits)
Provides an overview of different perspectives and approaches to leadership practice. Uses a multi-learning approach including experiential exercises, leadership cases, discussion, business cases, lectures and leadership development projects.

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