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Within the framework of the expansion of foreign relations in Jinan University has been the development of an office on Foreign Relations in Beirut with the beginning of 2004.

There is no doubt that the idea of ​​the establishment of the Office of Jinan University in the capital, Beirut, is a step in a very important because of the utility to communicate with the large academic slide in the capital and with the institutions and cultural centers Lebanese and non-Lebanese cultural attache offices and universities and academic schools, educational and students wishing to complete their terms of reference in undergraduate or in the upper stage and also communicate with professors and deans and the exchange of experiences and receive delegations coming from abroad to be defined at the university.



The goal of Jinan University office in Beirut focus in the context of improving the reputation of the university in the capital and the establishment of special relations with universities and cultural forums in embassies and the establishment of an entity of the university in the capital, singing to some extent on the visit of the university if the goal of this visit is to identify them and learn about the activities and news or inquire about information related to the university.


Pleading with Jinan University office in Beirut several goals to reach the primary objective and through the general objective is divided into stages and perhaps the key function of the office in the first phase is the definition: "Introducing the university (its name, its structure, its objectives, its location, its colleges, the points that distinguish them from others. . to what there is of things are in the Framework definition) in other words, the university clarify the identity of the target audience and even in some cases is also a target.


There are many important missions carried out by the Office of Jinan University in Beirut and pour within its relations and these relations are reflected in the following:

First, Media Relations: reflected the relationship with media organizations in several aspects of The point of visiting the institutions and continuous communication with them through the identification of delegates within them or by sending activities and continuous and frequent contact when the University scientific activities, academic or other or in terms of seeking to secure opportunities for college students Media at the University to train in these media institutions written and audio-visual.

Secondly, Relations with Official Institutions: There is no doubt that the relationship with an important and necessary official institutions and the Beirut office visit cultural attaches in the embassies of the definition of the university and to find ways to cooperate and focus on Arab embassies, as well as to communicate with the ministries that can cooperate with them, especially higher education, culture and others.

Thirdly, Relations with Private Institutions: The importance of relations with private institutions in many respects to the point of care or the activities of the university in terms of students receiving training or at least to define the university and improve its image at these institutions.

Fourthly, Relations with Universities: The communication with universities in Beirut is very important, especially as the primary task of the university is educational and aims through which to improve education and communicate with teachers qualified and benefit from the ideas and improve the image of the university in front of other universities as well as the establishment of special relations with managers universities and institutes through constant communication with them and seek to establish seminars and lectures on behalf of the university in schools and universities in Beirut.

Fifthly, Foreign Relations: The Beirut office coordination in this area with the central administration and participate in international exhibitions, conferences, festivals and foreign media and academic Ooualemhalih. And receive delegations coming to the university from outside the university and receive guests and secure their applications based on the directives of the central administration. As part of this task represents a Beirut university office in ceremonies and public meetings and conferences called to the university in the capital. Beirut office also communicates with some professor abroad and consulted in matters related to improving the university level.

Sixth, Student Relations: foreign relations office in Beirut is seeking to open a new student relations for the definition of the university and receives students who would like to inquire about the conditions of registration or colleges at the university also tries to attract as much as possible to enroll in the university. The Office is sometimes training courses for students in specific areas under the supervision of the university and on the recommendation of them.

Seventh, Internal Relations: Beirut office performs executive tasks and emergency assigned to the central administration and the coordination with the various departments and faculties of the university through almost daily contact with the presidency and frequent meetings with the deans of colleges as well as cooperation with the Information Office and departments and other university as Beirut Office seeks to build a private database to facilitate the process of communicating with his relations and nourish the Central Administration database.


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The location Office of Jinan University in Beirut is very important that in the private and Sanayeh area near the Interior Ministry, a strategic point in the capital of its proximity to the universities and public and private institutions in addition to the prestigious district they fit in with the intended target of the office.

Office Address:

Beirut Building Sanayeh George Assi Tower Street Abeer second floor.

Tel:  +961 1 743749
Fax: +961 1 743740
PO Box:  5261 Beirut, Riad Soloh
E-mail: info.Beirut@jinan.edu.lb



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