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Jinan University Tripoli - Main Campus


Main Campus

The Main Campus is one of the prominent premises of knowledge in Tripoli. The buildings maintain the spirit of the past and heritage with an updating spirit of modernity.


Yet, this is not enough without the strategic location of the main campus away from the noise, pollution and crowdedness of the city center. The Main Campus lies in the olive fields of Abi Samraa; on a plateau where the Mediterranean reflects sunshine, green hills and White Mountains stretch around.



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Tripoli LEBANON - Main Campus: Zaytoun Abi-Samra,
P.O.Box: 818
Tel: +961 6 447906-7-8-9
Fax: +961 6 447900 , +961 6 447906-7-8-9 ext(4)
Email: info@jinan.edu.lb


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