Jinan University Faculty of Public Health

Public Health Laboratories

 In 2012, the Faculty of Public Health initiated a project to upgrade and expand its main teaching laboratories at both the Tripoli and Saida campuses.  These laboratories are set to transform the way in which Medical Laboratory Technology and Nursing Sciences are taught at Jinan University.



These include two central laboratories in Tripoli and Saida that provide the students with advanced training skills in the fields of biology, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, and genetics.  These facilities feature high-tech equipment and advanced teaching aids that allow students to perform many laboratory tests and help them develop their practical skills and obtain the necessary knowledge to pursue their higher studies in public health.  Very recently, the World Health Organization supported the establishment of a specialized medical parasitology laboratory, which will be used for training of trainees as well as to support undergraduate education.

Available in the Tripoli and Saida Campuses, these two facilities contain a health assessment laboratory and a ward unit practice area.  These laboratories provide a learning environment where students can utilize the available mannequin and equipment to translate theoretical knowledge into a safe clinical experience.  In some instances, students also assume the role of patient in activities that include a range of motion exercises, positioning of the patient, transfers from bed to chair, patient teaching exercises, physical assessment, and others.

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