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Signing an agreement with the ASMP Academy in Paris
Saturday 23rd March 2019

A signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement was held between Jinan University represented by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the University, Dr. Salem Yakan, and the presence of the University President, Prof. Bassam Baraka, the General Director, Prof. Bassam Hijazi, President Najeeb Mikati represented by Mr. Nabil Soufi, President of the Bar Association of Tripoli Mr. Mohammad Mourad represented by Ms. Samia Bahri, Dr. Imad kasaa the Representative of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Dean of the Faculty of Science at Jinan University Dr. Joumana Younis, the administrative and academic bodies at Jinan University along with the Academy of Management Sciences in Paris (ASMP) represented by its President of the Doctoral School, Professor Jean-Marie Peretti, for the establishment of a joint program of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).



The ceremony began with Lebanese and French anthems, followed by a welcoming speech by Mrs. Ryan Nasser and then a speech by the director of the DBA program in cooperation with ASMP, Dr. Joumana Younis, Dean of Faculty of Science, where she identified the DBA program as a Business Administration Doctorate degree that combines academic, professional and specialized aspects in all areas of business administration: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Strategy and Social Responsibility,…etc...


Younis explained the program from the academic point of view, as it is divided into 6 semesters and 20 seminars, 6 in Paris and 14 in Tripoli at Jinan University, then the Doctoral thesis will be discussed in Paris. Younis emphasized the importance of the agreement the university signed with. Prof. Jean-Marie Peretti, who supervised more than a thousand thesis in the world.

She also pointed out to the great interest in entrepreneurship and the development of human resources and how to transform these resources into human capital, which was aspired by Professor Mona Haddad Yakan, as well as "Peretti", indicating the extent of convergence between them through their interest in entrepreneurship and human resources. Therefore, the first promotion of graduates will be under the name of Prof. Mona Haddad Yakan, may God have mercy on her soul.


Then the University President, Prof. Bassam Baraka, spoke about the importance of the partnership, which emphasizes the distinction of the university academically and its insistence in graduating effective community leaders.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Salem Yakan, talked about the importance of the quality of the university education and its keenness to use all the renewable systems and indicators in this field, which helps to accelerate economic growth and develop the personal knowledge of individuals, especially in the light of technological development, which made education a productive force and an influence in the field of economic and social life.


Mr. Yakan also referred to the importance of the Lebanese-French partnership coordinated by the Dean of Faculty of Science, Dr. Younis, which enabled the two institutions to unify a path from knowledge to a deep humanitarian space for the well-being and development of humanity, as the institutions founder, Professor Mona Haddad wanted.


The President of the Doctoral School in Paris, Prof. Jean-Marie Peretti, compared the doctorate and the DBA certificate that was established at HARVARD, stressing on its importance that it is given to people with practical experience which leads to success and career excellency.


At the end of the meeting, Jinan University presented a token of tribute to Prof. "Peretti", for the cooperation between Lebanon and France, memorial photos were taken and a cocktail party was held in honor of the occasion.


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