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EndNote X5 Basics Guide
Saturday 17th December 2016

EndNote X5 Basics Guide

Prepared by

Rasha Al Halawanie


  1. Set up EndNote Web
  • The first time you open EndNote X5, you will see an EndNote Web option box.
  • EndNote Web is a web based version of EndNote that you can access from any Internet computer.
  • Simply click Finish.


  1. Create a new Library:
  • Go to File> New.
  • In the next window, enter a File name:
  • Select location (use desktop for this training) in the Save in: box at the top.
  • Click


  1. Set Display Fields
  • Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences
  • Select Display Fields from the left menu
  • Choose the field displayed from the pull down list for up to 8 columns displayed. You may also select [Do not display] to exclude a column.
  • You may also change the heading name for the column. The default is the Generic name for the field selected.
  • Click
  • Click


  1. Output Styles
  • Output styles are used to create bibliographies or format Word documents. Currently there are over 5000 Output styles available. Only 400+ Styles are downloaded with EndNote.
  • You can browse the downloaded Styles:
  • Go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager…
  • If you would like to download additional Styles, then go to: http://endnote.com/downloads/styles


  1. References
  • Go to References>NEW reference or ,
  • Go to Google Scholar>choose the article /book…>click on the cite button > click the Endnote button>import the file.


  1. Edit References
  • If you want to edit the reference type or data Go to Edit reference>reference type or size or font or data


  1. Group
  • Go to Group>create Group>New Group> Rename Group.



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